Ibyiza Birimbere - The Best is Still to Come

Rwanda 2014

A Documentary by Gerrit Hahn & S.C. Weiss

Ibyiza Birimbere is Kinyarwanda and means “The best is still to come”.

In Rwanda April 7 is Memorial Day. July 4, Liberation Day, celebrates the genocide’s end. We decided to make a film during that time.

2014 marked the twentieth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide where within about 100 days an estimated 800.000 Rwandese were killed. 

The protagonists of the film, Gerard (19) Odette (22), and Shenge (24), three young Rwandese, have different goals in life. Gerard wants to find his real parents. Odette, who wants to study psychology, believes in articulating her own trauma, while Shenge uses her art to transport the story she wants to tell to the world.

Ibyiza Birimbere does not explain the genocide, nor is it political. It’s a film about 3 young people whose eyes flicker against a brighter, invisible horizon.

IBYIZA BIRIMBERE is an independent documentary and was partly funded by a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO (click here to visit the campaign) and the help of our friends and families as well as total strangers.

Production took place in Rwanda in April 2014 with a very limited budget and the goal to make a film that you can remember when you think of Rwanda. Not because of the cruelties of the genocide but because of the frankness and the forgiving and loving characters of the three people you meet in the film.

Produced by Gerrit Hahn & S.C. Weiss

Directed by S.C.Weiss

Filmed & edited by Gerrit Hahn

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